Thursday, 1 April 2010

GERMANY: No radio interest in DVB-T digital platform

The media regulator for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, MA HSH, has had to re-advertise a licence comprising spectrum for the DVB-T platform, this time to television applicants, after its previous attempt to offer the spectrum for digital radio channels met with disinterest. MA HSH director Thomas Fuchs told Rapid TV: “The response to our tenders of DTT frequencies is clear: There is very strong demand for the distribution of TV channels, but there seems to be little additional value for the radio industry.”

In December 2009, the regulator had invited bids to provide 16 radio channels in spectrum that also offered capacity for ‘Visual Radio’ enhancements. Thomas Fuchs said then: “Now that opportunities for development of the FM band are exhausted, we can invite bids to contribute to the advancement of the radio landscape in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.”

However, in March 2010, the regulator had to report that “the interest on the part of radio broadcasters is so low that the Media Council decided, as a result, not to award any radio allocation.”

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