Wednesday, 31 March 2010

French Culture Minister: launch of digital radio not “a priority”

On 29 March 2010, the French Minister of Culture & Communications, Frederic Mitterand, spoke at the monthly luncheon of the Association of Media & Communications Journalists. He was asked about the much delayed launch of digital terrestrial radio in France and replied:

"I note that the cost of the [digital radio] project is significant, that a number of the radio licensees are not at all favourable towards the project, and that it is the CSA [media regulator] that for the moment is escalating the issue. The CSA itself should still submit a report on the [digital radio] issue with recommendations, although I know roughly what will be in such a report. I have the greatest respect for the CSA, and I have the greatest feelings of respect for [CSA president] Michel Boyon, but we are not exactly on the same wavelength.”

"Without organising a funeral with great pomp and ceremony, which would presume a death, I think that everything will inevitably be digital one day. And then radio will be too. Put simply, in today’s economic conditions, in the general context of radio, and with the lack of consensus around this [digital radio] issue, I do not think its resolution is a priority and the launch of digital radio will not happen this year."

The video is available here.

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