Wednesday, 18 November 2009

“It is only in recent months … that digital radio has been a real focus and priority for the [UK radio] industry”

Campaign magazine, 6 November 2009 [excerpts]:

KS: Karen Stacey, director of broadcast sales and brand solutions, Bauer Radio
MG: Mike Gordon, group commercial director, Global Radio

Why has the take-up of digital radio been so slow?

KS: I don't think take-up necessarily has been slow given that it is only in recent months, since the publication of the Digital Britain report [June 2009], that digital radio has been a real focus and priority for the industry.

MG: Until recently, digital has been viewed as a complementary, rather than a primary, platform. Now that the industry is unified and the Government has given clear targets, I'm absolutely convinced take-up will accelerate.

How realistic is the government’s analogue radio switch-off target?

KS: As an industry, we're aware that we've got a lot of work to do - coverage needs to be improved, the cost of sets needs to come down and more cars need digital radios installed. But the vision and commitment is now in place to make that happen.

MG: 2015 is a target that we are focused on and working towards, and the fact of the matter is that, without it, a lot less would be happening. There's been a huge amount of activity since the Government gave us a target. Earlier this month, for instance, we called a summit with the motoring industry and other stakeholders to progress take-up in cars. If we keep up this kind of momentum, then I believe it is achievable. It's still more than six years away.

How has your company invested in digital radio?

MG: We have invested more in digital radio than any other radio group. Global also took the lead in supporting the call for a target date to galvanise the industry and will continue to be a pioneer in commercial radio on all distribution. [sic]

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One of your best posts, yet - LOL! Very little said, but volumes spoken. No comment by you needed. This reminds me of the Press Releases coming out of iBiquity, here in the U.S. How do these characters get away with it? BTW - I've noticed your blog getting a lot more attention on the Internet (e.g.,, and here in the U.S. (Taylor, from Radio-Info, mentioned your blog today). Keep up the good fight, along with Steve at DigitalRadioTech!